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โปรโมชั่นdisplayQuikframe manufacturer and service provider for the Stage for stage, ready to welcome summer promotion package you have a cool evening bag, available in two series.

* Set Promotion DISPLAY: DISPLAY when buying any excavation can get.
Quik Box Shelf Shelf 3 Tier Folding Wooden Top color gray sand bag makes it easy to transport. And easy to store
Mag up 001 Black jet Shelf advertising or small items that are easy to use as possible. Just pull up, they can use immediately. Keep it simple and fast Just press release fold down 2 points shall be completed. Comes to simple and easy to carry bag and weighs just 4 pounds only with a look Expanded black. Make a strong stand and
All kits come with light spotlights and hard case is strong.

* Combo Package Dubble GREAT.
Quik Box Shelf Rack 3 Bedroom + Mag up 001 Black jet Shelf advertising. To match the price you have looked at only 7,000 only called Cua the other.

Special !! Thanks to the two Quikframe with purchase promotions Quikframe been Gear Magnet Pop clip magnets advertising from now (at 150).
** 1 set / 1 promotion.

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