QUIKFRAME introduces our new system partner SMAX

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SmaxQUIKFRAME takes its shortcut to become South East Asia No. 1 Portable Display Brand.  Fabric Printing is the world new trend, it is now quiet popular in Europe, US and Australia but not in South East Asia.

QUIKFRAME joins with SMAX Shanghai becoming Thailand Distributor.  We also being allowed to produce our own part in Thailand to support our clients.

New QUIKFRAME designed Display “WALLSCREEN” using SMAX system as the foundation, we create the lightest display screen ever made.  Only 15 kg with two small bags, it is half the weight of the traditional popup display.  (See products http://smax.quikframe.co.th/products/)

It has less parts with only 8 pieces and only take a few minutes to assemble the whole system.

We have been studied the disadvantage of traditional popup display.  Here are reasons why you have to use SMAX Wallscreen:

  1. Traditional POPUP display weight = 30 – 34 kg (Hardcase Version) | SMAX is only 15 kg and less
  2. Traditional POPUP display parts = 30 – 34 pieces | SMAX has only 8 pieces for assemble
  3. Traditional POPUP display use Magnet | SMAX no NOTHING.  We use the physical body of material to attach.
  4. Traditional POPUP display is fix size | SMAX can adjust its height.
  5. Traditional POPUP display uses PP Printing | SMAX uses Fabric Printing (You can fold and wash it)
  6. Their prices are similar.

Check what SMAX can do. https://www.facebook.com/SmaxThailand

Q s CaAfE smax wall screen เวทีสำเร็จรูป

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