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One trend which is the rising star of 2015 and definitely still be till next year is Popup Market.  As one great experience channel that can both create the engagement and testing the market. As the the time flies, the new players keep pop up.  ART BOX, Farmer Market, M.A.P. and bigger players like AIS and many more.

12360052_817187811761089_4902818804204709703_nSince it is quiet easy and low budget of investment, the greater number of competitors show up their face in the market are inevitable.  At Artbox December, Emporium has started using Q’s Cafe, a Mobile Shop concept by QUIKFRAME Design, which can packed nicely to fit small car like Jazz or Prius to expand their reach.

Besides the convenience given by Q’s Cafe as a foldable and portable Shop, the printing, which is used for the overall look, is replaced with Fabric Print.  In which, QUIKFRAME is the first company in Southeast Asia to implement this material with the Portable Display.

The outcome is the lightweight material and tough against crease.  The material is the same with clothes, so it can be washed and washed and rewashed without damage its color.  QUIKFRAME choses ‘Fabark’ fabric which is a fabric for exhibition and display which is 100% environmental friendly.

You can follow more update for QUIKFRAME Q’s Cafe Serie via our new channel Line@, And get yourself ready for our new Q’s Cafe 2016 series.

Line@ http://line.me/ti/p/%40vmo2500c



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