“Q’s Cafe” Mobile Cafe Unit First Launch at Thailand RetailEX 2015

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It has been 2 years since QUIKFRAME has started “Q’s Cafe” project with our client “ERGO” from Unilever.  Now it is time to show what we come up with.

” This should be the lightest Mobile Cafe ever made in the this Industry.  It would change the way people work same as what our QUIKSTAGE did in the past.” said by our Project Head Mr. Jo Lin.  If all know about QUIKFRAME history, we are QUIKSTAGE design patent owner who create the super small portable stage.  Now you see many people imitate our similar technique to their own products around the world.  We did change the way people work.

Q-cafeFor Q’s Cafe, we have developed this product from our original system QUIKSTAND and our new partner system SMAX from Shanghai.  Mr. Lin explained  “We actually twist the whole system around and try to get the strength from both system and combine them together.  To be frank, we have gone beyond what QUIKFRAME and SMAX could do.  We even design a new 3rd-party part that makes thing much easier.”

Why should people use “Q’s Cafe”?

Q’s Cafe is the combination of strength and beauty.  We combine both fabric system to replace all printings.  We create the new part that can attach it back to our QUIKSTAND-F model which can take the load around 100 – 300 kg.  Fabric does not damage easy like those PP Board and PP Paper printing or Vinyl Printing.  So You do not have to worry about the damage from Transportation.  The colour is also very vibrant comparing to other printing technique.

To setup, we have designed the setup process so it can be assembled by two small ladies within 10 – 15 minutes or faster for those who already knew the step.  We also concern about the wellness of the setup staff.  As we alway concern the use of NIOSH Rule, it really safe people from injury.  Therefore, we normally limit our bag for those with handcarry only up to 10 kg.  Beyond 10 kg, we will separate into another bag.  It is much better to find yourselves carry a 30 kg bag up the stair.  If you cannot avoid it, better choose to walk a little more round.

For mobility, we design “Q’s Cafe” so it can be loaded under the plane.  This has been our new rule for this 2nd half of this decade.  Flight is cheaper.  People start to move around.  When they do the booth, we think sometime it is cost saving if you can carry your own booth.

How many sizes are there?

For now, we come up with S/M/L/XL.  We already completed our ‘M’ size, since it is the first of its kind.  Other sizes are still on their way as we want to fix some problems with pattern for the fabric and some parts that we think are unnecessary.

What will be the next step?

Currently, we think of doing a little more fun with Q’s Cafe.  Next year, we plan to launch our fabric cover collection so people can have easier time to grab and go.
Q-CAfE size S,MQ-CAfE size L

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