Fabric Printing and 5 important Things before you use Fabric

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Fabric Printing has become a global new trend.  Nowadays, US, Europe and Australia have started to turn their back on the toxic material likes Vinly and PP Printing to Fabric.  Even though, fabric printing has a far more expensive cost than these toxic materials.  But that does not mean, it creates the catastrophe to the industry.

Here, I would like to share with you “Why we should use Fabric?” Then you consider it by yourselves.

If I am saying that this will save the world, nobody will actually care.  But if I say, Fabric does save up your cost and increase your profit.  Then, that will sound like it.  Here are the first 5 reasons:

  1. Fabric is very light and compact for Transportation
    It is a tedious work to send printing materials like Vinyl or PP Paper by Mail.  They will end up in the garbage once reach the destination.  But for Fabric, it is possible.  You can fold it and do not have to care much.  Even if it is folded once receive, you can eventually iron it later.
  2. Vibrant Color
    To use Fabric Print, you have to be ready for change.  Fabric Printing is much more vibrant than paper print.  Your old PP Paper or Vinyl will become immediately dull comparing to Fabric.  You might want to ask your supplier if they can make their paper printing to match Fabric’s.  But sorry, they can’t.  Both material and ink are not the same.
  3. World of Recycle
    Imagine using the same old type of printing like PP Paper, PP Board, Foam Board or Vinyl for your backdrop.  They will actually end up in the garbage very soon.  But thinking again for the Fabric, you can sewing them up into other items like curtain, props and else.  They will always be around looking good.
  4. It is Soft SignFabric Print is Soft Signage.  You can think of Flag or any of those that moving.  In South East Asia, you can barely see anyone using Fabric for anything else besides Flag.  But in US, Australia or Europe, they can become much more.  Due to their texture and colour, designers consider the use of Fabric Print for more luxurious positioning.  It is soft but comes with volume
  5. Always Look Good
    You can imagine of wrinkle Vinyl and Paper.  They are ugly.  You can almost throw them away immediately as the wrinkle creates the sharp edge which develop a strong shadow showing the neatlessness of the material.  Contrary, Fabric will a similar wrinkle will not give such unimpression.  They are Fabric and They are made to be that way.  The texture will not create the sharp edge but a smooth line that will hardly develop a wrinkle shadow.So these are my first 5 reasons before you start to change into Fabric.  Ofcourse it might be a difficult job to find the right Fabric for Advertising.  So it is Fabark “Special Fabric for Special Purpose”
    written by Jo Lin

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