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Welcome to Another world of contributions to the design extreme. You probably have seen it already with the product. EXHIBITURE aluminum folding frame color that comes in the form of innovation. This QUIKFRME own patent products and systems, structured products, aluminum frame of QUIKFRAME in the world. To get in touch with you We offer services in the form of rent, sales and orders made ​​by a team of installation and service personnel.


Arena Stage, a stage ready for the stage, for stage rental stage QUIKFRAME with Q CAfE Systems booth folding.

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Arena Stage, a stage ready for the stage, for stage rental stage QUIKFRAME with Q’s CAfE Systems booth folding.
Stage Deli Stage, Stage If talking about this Of course, you must know the stage Stage, Stage Quikframe absolutely finished and you even have the Stage, Arena Stage Deli. You sure about that strength to get as much weight already. The other booth equipment. All foldable This saves space Easy to store and transport, and if talks booth operators removed. We have seen it already.

For a franchise. Or have their own store Whether it’s a restaurant, a coffee shop or gift shop booth as necessary. But it’s tricky enough Whether for its handling of Woodstock placement, there are also a restaurant to try my best. Notably to customers And racing with its hundreds more around. Trying to attract shoppers who have limited.
Over 2 years ago QUIKFRAME was researching how to make a light booth. The whole beauty And easily installed Both men and women who QUIKFRAME was meticulously analyzed to design equipment that is suitable for use as light. The aircraft can carry up And engages itself

Q-cafeQ’s Cafe is a new work of QUIKFRAME design team to create a shop is much easier than anything you’ve ever done. The structure was designed to be the lightest. With most washable fabrics With table QUIKSTAND F, a folding table, the lightest from QUIKFRAME Q’s Cafe has been designed to be VINYL 100% FREE to reduce adverse environmental systems store mobile Q’s Cafe can be installed in less than 10 minutes with the roof. You can set up shop quickly. And beautiful with Concept Soft Sign of the USA and Europe.
The patent is for QUIKFRAME Who designed the world’s first QUIKSTAGE Stage, Stage, which is the system. Stage Deli Strongest Exceeds the EU (700 kg / sqm) up to three times and also the origin of the Stage, worldwide.
Current Stage, Stage Deli QUIKSTAGE users in most. With a share of nearly 100%, which is standard throughout the city. Safety in Thailand Therefore, Stage, Stage Deli QUIKSTAGE can be connected to the folding stage. Stage Deli QUIKSTAGE stage the rent Well nationwide And a standard shopping mall in Thailand such as Central, The Mall, Digital Gateway, and many more.
In Southeast Asia, with the Stage, the stage finished QUIKSTAGE include nine countries with local service. As well as collateral This is true of the Stage, the stage finished QUIKSTAGE global pedigree Thailand.

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