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Welcome to Another world of contributions to the design extreme. You probably have seen it already with the product. EXHIBITURE aluminum folding frame color that comes in the form of innovation. This QUIKFRME own patent products and systems, structured products, aluminum frame of QUIKFRAME in the world. To get in touch with you We offer services in the form of rent, sales and orders made ​​by a team of installation and service personnel.


Sales Stage for stage, Stage Deli Quikframe Smax came to know each other.

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SmaxSales Stage for stage, Stage Deli Quikframe know Smax.
Smax is what I like. Then I used to do Today we have known it Quikframe has launched a while ago and it Smax. Then we will see where I work? I must say that I found in the Event, but will see most obvious is that we use the structure of Booth’s Quikframe Smax to prepare Booth, which is seen most clearly.

Looks like a teaser for a long time?
Smax system: beam frames with joints and connectors. Frames with adjustable height. The user can change the model range. (See us at http://smax.quikframe.co.th/products/)

Patterns of use of Smax.
Smax can be used in various forms. What is important is light, but that it is Smax Wall Screen or the Display and Booth also made Stand TV and adapts to its other seamlessly advantages of Smax Another is that we have introduced the system of printing it. Use the specimen can be cleaned by washing. And recycled for new jobs. Which reduces paper use Reduce production costs

(You can watch the preview. https://www.facebook.com/SmaxThailand)

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