Stage Rental with QUIKSTAGE and another step with TEDx

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 QUIKSTAGE is the first super small portable stage for heavy duty.  It is the first in the world and the first of its kind.  In South East Asia, especially Thailand, QUIKSTAGE has become the main player in Rental Business.  Its small size and durability.  Many users have been using QUIKSTAGE more than 10 years, the frame is still perfectly work under good maintenance.  You might have to change the carpet cover once in a while as it is getting dirty.  But with QUIKSTAGE special selected marine plywood and composite type carpet, these makes your investment lasts a very long time before you have to do the maintenance again.

QUIKSTAGE is not only designed to be strong and versatile.  It is also architectural and beautiful.  Thanks to our Hanoi Representative, we become part of TEDx Talk in Hanoi and hoping for more international event in the future.

เวที เวทีสำเร็จรูป เวทีพับ quikstageDeconStruction@Siam center

quikstage เาที เวทีพับ quikstage เาที เวทีพับ

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