Architect ’57 “Eighteen | Eighty”: “EIGHTEENTH | EIGHTY”

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งานสถาปนิก'57 “สิบแปด|แปดสิบ”:“EIGHTEENTH|EIGHTY”

29 April -4 May 57 | Architect ’57 . “Eighteen | Eighty “: “EIGHTEENTH | EIGHTY” at Challenger Hall 1-3 , IMPACT Exhibition Center , Muang Thong Thani.

Eventhough the political situation might drive away most of international buyers, but it would not stop all public to visit this Thailand gigantic show of the year.  ARCHITECT has once again come back to bring an inspiration to the architectures and the designers with hundreds suppliers.

For this year, QUIKFRAME booth won 3rd Place Eco Booth Award from ASA 2014.  Using main printing material from Fabric, it creates a ironic presentation using concrete graphic which deceived most eyes.  Lifted with new 10-cm quikstage rise 10, a new riser stage for all exhibitors who only need decent platform to create more formal stand for their booth.  QUIKSTAND, portable stand and portable table are used to cooperate with QUIKFRAME new partner KAWAJUN, a famous Merchandising equipments brand from Japan.  K-WAGON foldable gondola and Stacking decoration boxes Stagebox yields new level of supermarket and department store decoration.

Booth Quikframe @ ASA 2014

บูธ Quikframe@ASA 2014 / 6

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